Kindly refer to BMW Golf Cup International 2018 regulations and qualifications process before completing this form. You may check the availability of your preferred venue here or call BMW Voice at 1800 88 3000 for the latest updates.

Before completing the registration form, please:

  1. Your latest JPJ registration card - front and back
  2. Your valid golf handicap card issued by the Malaysian Golf Association.
  3. Your valid road tax


  1. All fields are compulsory.
  2. The participating fee of RM288 for BMW White Card Members.
  3. Only a BMW White Card Elite member may transfer their slot to one (1) direct family member (for private ownership) or to one (1) employee of the company (for company cars) should he/she choose not to participate.
  4. At entry registration, the registrant must be a valid member of the Malaysian Golf Association with his/her last golfing scores record in the Malaysian Golf Association's online NHS system, within 3 months from the registration date.
  5. To qualify for competition at the Qualifying Leg, the registrant's last golfing scores record with the Malaysian Golf Association's online NHS system must be within 3 months from the tournament date. Failing which, the registrant will not be officially scored and will be converted to Guest category. Thus, they are unable to qualify to the National Final.
  6. You will only be charged after we have verified your eligibility to participate based on your handicap validity and car registration details.

Your Invitation Code.

Please Select Your Participating Category.